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Humanitas Movement: Inside Philly's Best Vintage

  My good friend Pia Panaligan has been working on something wonderful. She has been putting together a diverse range of thoughtful fashion events focused on social impact. She has culled some of Philadelphia's coolest designers, makers, and collectors.  This Saturday she is hosting a vintage Pop-up at the Bok Building from 12-5. She is featuring some of the city's most stylish vintage shops. She also produced a zine for the event ( what?!?). I was happy to help out in any way I could, below are some of the questions we sent to all of the collectors. Room Shop (Shelly Horst)- How did you become a vintage collector/ seller and what lead you to this line of work? haha...

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Amy Voloshin And The Craft of Creating A Brand

I remember when I first came across Print Fresh Studio. It was 2009, and I was a design assistant at my first job perusing prints for our next season. I loved the contemporary and vintage-inspired vibe of the print collection, and I was also thrilled to learn that the company was based out of Philly. The years went on, and I started my own collection, moved back to Philadelphia, and became deeply embedded in the local design scene. Through the grapevine, I started to hear that Printfresh founder, Amy Voloshin, was starting her own collection: Voloshin. I was amazed, excited and confused. I thought: If you already have one successful business why start a second, especially since the fashion market...

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Cuttalossa and Shannon Retseck’s gorgeously curated textiles and home goods

Philadelphia has a rich history of manufacturing. While many of the textile factories are shuttered, there is a new makers movement underway. Leading the way is the brand Cuttalossa, a gorgeously curated textiles and home goods purveyor. Cuttalossa grew out of creator Shannon Retseck love of natural fibers and her dream to bring back textiles that are made with care and built to last. I remember when I first wandered into her shop and loving the feel of all the cotton, wools and linens. I was so excited to get a chance to talk with her and learn about how she started her company. It was great to hear about how Shannon grew her collection and learn about the makers she...

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Visantine And The Romance Of Slow Fashion

I remember when I first met Ivy Thompson.  We were at a mutual friend’s Brooklyn loft and we soon realize that we both worked in fashion.  Ivy was dreaming about starting her own line, and I was at my first job in the industry and could not fathom going out on my own.  Through the years we have become close friends and fashion business confidant. It has been amazing to watch her journey and to see her brand grow. I really admire her ambition and rethinking of what the fashion industry should be.  I was so happy to get to sit down and do this interview. Ivy has so many great stories and insights and I wanted to share all...

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Behind The Scenes: My Collaboration With The Land Health Institute

This season started by taking walks around my neighborhood and thinking of meaningful concepts I want to communicate in my next collection. On a spring evening, when the light was just beginning to glow through the leaves, I found myself walking around my neighborhood of Kensington, Philadelphia. Between the old and the new, I found small plots of open space where the community had gotten together to make a garden. I liked the thought of blossoming flowers against the harsh backdrop of an ever-changing city neighborhood.   I wanted a non-profit that focused on putting nature back into the city but also created programs to help enrich the community. I found local Philadelphia non-profit: The Land Health Institute to work with for this season. Using...

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