Adobe Creative Residency

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supra endura creative content


The Concept:


I want to launch Supra Endura Creative Community: A multi-media platform that curates the stories of creative entrepreneurs and serves as a highly stylized educational tool on how to start and run a creative business. For me, the blog and the podcast are just the beginning. I want to start doing videos, photo essays, illustrations and events in support of the makers who inspire me. I want to give my audience the inside scoop into the process of their favorite creatives. I kind of want to be the Anthony Bourdain of makers, traveling around America to different cities and meeting with creative businesses that are doing something new. When I meet with people, I love hearing their story, both the successes and the struggles. I want to bring these real and heartwarming exchanges to a larger audience. I am a born designer, so I want to do this in a highly stylized way that is also easily digestible for creatives.

The multimedia platform will include my own content to educate creatives on how to further their own creative practice. I want to teach fellow creatives about business through my experience and my own business. With running my own business, I took a lot of different business classes both online and in the classroom. None of the classes were geared towards creative people, which is why I want to create content that is entertaining and stylish but also teaches complex concepts in an understandable way. I think I am the best suited for this task from my 10 years working in the fashion industry, my experience running my own business, my time teaching at Made Institute, and my exuberant curiosity for all things creative business.

This project will build off of the work I have begun to do with my podcast and blog and will also take my audience through my process of creating and running my small business, Supra Endura.

gabrielle Mandel of Supra endura