Non- Profit Collaborations

Supra Endura Land Health Institute

Each season starts with taking in my surroundings and finding a cause that holistically solves an issue in my community. In my neighborhood, I found small plots of open space where the community had gotten together to make a garden.  I liked the thought of blossoming flowers against the sometimes harsh backdrop of an ever-changing city neighborhood. I found local Philadelphia non-profit: Land Health Institute to work with for this season. Using their ecological and interdisciplinary design expertise, Land Health Institute works with urban communities to identify, design, and build projects on underutilized and vacant land. The result is a real-life story of the transformation of distressed land into inspirational space in which nature and humans flourish.

For this collaboration, $ 2 of every sale will go to the Land Health Institute's efforts to build a native plant nursery in West Parkside, Philadelphia.

Past Non-Profit Collaborations:

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