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Antoinette Marie Johnson, Founder of Cohere, On Perseverance

supra endura podcast Antoinette Marie Johnson, creator and founder of Cohere

This week I sat down with the amazing Antoinette Marie Johnson, creator, and founder of Cohere, a creative agency that specializes in cohesive storytelling in real estate, food, and hospitality. She has helmed remarkable projects such as the revitalization of 990 Spring Garden in Philadelphia, the Baltimore Harbor Market, and recently has branded a major initiative to increase food sustainability. What blew me away was that the inception of Cohere came out of a turbulent time. Johnson’s story is a story of perseverance, of hard work, and of success. She is a Philadelphia native, an urban planner, a creative, and a woman I very much admire. It was great to talk with her about her journey and passion. She has both grit and grace and a passion for sustainability.