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About Us


Supra Endura is an arts and accessories collection for a creative life. We love color and modern prints and feel these are a great way to bring joy to your everyday life. Each print is created by artist/designer Gabrielle Mandel. She delights in the process of making one of a kind pieces that her customers can wear with ease for an effortlessly chic look.

 designer artist gabrielle Mandel of Supra Endura

After working in the fashion industry for a number of years founder Gabrielle wanted to create her own collection. She was inspired by social art movements that were both beautiful and beneficial to the society. She was interested in working with suppliers in the US and overseas who had socially compliant standards. She also wanted to give back with every product sold, so for every sale $ 1 to $ 2 is donated back to a 501 ©(3) non-profit.

 supra endura behind the scenes, scarf collection

While running her business put of her home in west Philadelphia, Mandel came into contact with many different creatives in the industry. She loved hearing their stories and wanted to share these with a greater audience. And so the Supra Endura: Creative Conversations podcast was born. Mandel’s invited guests tell their original stories, and how they found their way into their businesses. In a world where we are constantly marketed to, that we need to “hustle,” Mandel was interested in unlocking the human qualities of running a creative business. She loves to celebrate the successes of her guests, but also have them talk about the times when things did not work out. Mandel strives to bring on a diverse group of guests from very different backgrounds and feel this really enriches the podcast experience. The result is refreshing conversations about being creative and how to put that into practice. 

supra endura creative conversations podcast