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Blew Kind of Creating Community Through Coffee

Franny Lou's Porch
Years ago, I stumbled on Franny Lou's Porch. This warm and inviting space was just what I was looking for when I moved back to Philadelphia. Community and activism were welcomed here, and I loved the delicious locally sourced menu. I knew I wanted to get the owner and founder Blew Kind on the podcast. Blew Kind  describes herself as a mother, artist, and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Virginia then moved to Philadelphia for performance school in 2006. She is a lover of the African diaspora, poetry, sustainable business, and bridging gaps between people groups providing safe spaces to explore, deepen, and be healthy. She has owned coffeehouse spaces for a decade and is excited to start more generative and creative businesses. This was such an uplifting conversation and I loved hearing all the amazing projects Blew Kind is involved with.