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Bonkosi Horn of Freedom Apothecary on Trusting Your Instincts


Bonkosi and freedom apothecary for the supra endura podcastHappy fourth of July and welcome to this week's episode of Creative Conversations Podcast! I am very excited to have Bonkosi Horn on today. Bonkosi has just opened up Freedom Apothecary with her business partner Morrissa Jenkins. Freedom is a clean beauty + wellness + self-care boutique. Bonkosi wanted to create an inclusive space and support women-owned businesses. I have been following the launch of this business and I am so excited about this space and really love the thoughtfulness they have put into the design. I met Bonkosi a few years back when she was involved in the inception of the Local, a Lululemon concept store that focused and featured local Philadelphia brands. This has been an amazing space and has hosted many thought-provoking events. I was so excited to sit with Bonkosi and talk about her experience and what really lead her into creating these transformative and immersive spaces. 

Photo credits: Cover photo by Rashiid Marcel, Due photo by Freedom Apothecary and Rosie Simmons