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Creative Conversations: Maria Piessis On Creating Without Boundaries

Supra Endura podcast creative conversation artist Maria Piessis

Maria Piessis wears many hats. She is a photographer, graphic artist, art director, and set designer. She currently lives in Paris but I met her years ago when we were both living in New York City. Her work has appeared in Tidal Magazine, Stylist Magazine France, and her art has been featured on Artsy and Artstar. She has worked with a countless number of big and small brands helping to perfect their visual identities. But nevermind all those accolades, just look at her work on her website or her design studio: Lost Sundays. Since our time in NYC I have watched her grow and explore all different mediums. I am inspired by the many different modes Maria explores in both her commercial work but also her own creative practice. She is super curious which has to lead to an amazing point of view.  



Supra Endura podcast creative conversation artist Maria Piessis

Supra Endura podcast creative conversation artist Maria Piessis

All photos in this post were created by Maria Piessis


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