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Daniel McRorie on Honing Your Craft

 Daniel McRorie on Honing Your Craft on supra endura podcast

This week we have an amazing artist, craftsman and serial entrepreneur: Daniel “Rickard Guy” McRorie. Dan grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and from an early age, he was making T-shirts and repairing his shoes. He began working as a cobbler and then built and ran his own shoe repair and custom leather shop, which he ran all by himself. Later on, he moved to Brooklyn where along with running his own business he co-founded Knickerbocker Manufacturing.

 Along with being a craftsman, Dan is also an artist, his work has appeared in Vogue and Atlas Quarterly and he recently gave a talk at the MoMA during the ‘is fashion Modern exhibition. With all these amazing accomplishments Dan is an incredibly approachable and generous. I love picking his brain about manufacturing because he knows so much! I loved our talk about the ins and outs of running a business along with honing your craft.


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