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Diana Khoi Nguyen On Dissecting And Reframing the Past

Diana Koi Nyguen on the Supra Endura podcast

I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Diana Khoi Nguyen, award-winning author and multimedia artist. I first met Diana on the book tour of her debut poetry collection: Ghost Of. This book is described as a haunting exploration of grief’s aftermath, for a sister and a family. As a poet and artist, Dianna continues to excavate her family's history including what it was like for her parents to be refugees of the Vietnam War. I was fascinated by her career path and what led her to poetry. I enjoyed hearing about mentors who helped to see her potential as a poet and I also loved hearing about how she decided to mix mediums and introduce photos cutouts into her book to help tell the story. It was so great to talk with someone so immensely talented and open to artist expression. To learn more about Diana Khoi Nguyen and to check out her writing visit her website at