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Dylan Garner on Creativity and Teamwork

dylan garner supra endura podcast

I have an amazingly inspiring women on: Dylan Garner who is the creative director of Cohere and helps run the Philadelphia chapter of Ladies Wine & Design. The first things I want to say about Dylan is she is incredibly warm, she is the kind of person who wants everyone to feel welcome and that is an amazing quality. She is the creative director of one of my favorite creative agencies in Philly: Cohere and her Linkedin profile job description she writes:  branding cultures and cities. Along with helping to craft some of the most iconic venues in Philadelphia and other cities, she helps to run Ladies Wine & Design which is an amazing national organization that connect women designers. I have been to a few of their events and just find it is a great place to connect and share. The LWD events really helps to bring the creative community together. We nerded out on design things and she introduced me to the term Arthlete, which I am totally going to use in the future. :)