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Em Sexton On Flourishing In A Crisis

em sexton on the supra endura podcast


I was fortunate enough to digitally sit down with Em Sexton and talk about her extraordinary life and what she has learned along the way. I met Em a month ago at Alt Summit, her talk was radiating and I felt like it gave me the tools to tackle some of the bigger problems I was facing in my business. What I have always loved about her is she is both hugely successful but also open about her vulnerabilities. Em had found great success in banking and was one of the youngest VPs in her company, but she felt the urge to do something bigger. On her 30th birthday she left her job and began to create the Flourish Market: A one-of-a-kind shop that curates products with a bigger purpose. Em works with brands from all over the world that providing dignified jobs and fair wages to artisans in vulnerable communities. Along with running her super successful boutique, Em has also created a co-working space, incubator program and runs classes to help women step into their power. Her energy is contagious and she deeply believes we all have the power to go after and achieve the life we want. It was such a pleasure to chat her and get her advice on what we can do to get through these hard times.