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Jennifer Mota On Carving Your Own Path

Supra Endura podcast Jennifer motaToday I wanted to bring you a really fresh conversation, I am so excited for my guest Jennifer Mota. Jennifer Mota is a Dominican-American Multimedia Journalist who focuses on topics relating to music, fashion, Latinx identity, and Afro-Latinidad. She got her start at People Chica and now writes for Tidal, Vibe, People Espanol, Hip Latina and many more online outlets. She also spearheaded the Urbano and Afro-LatinX stories during her time at people Chica and now has become the unofficial expert on Dominican Dembow. Jennifer is also deeply passionate about fashion. I met her while she was an intern at the Philadelphia fashion Incubator and saw immediately that she had a great sense of style and was deeply curious. I have loved following Jennifers personal style and see her as an influencer in Philadelphia fashion and music scene. Along with styling local artist she also had her own line of bathing suits which she makes all by herself. She is just at the beginning of her career but already has accomplished so much. I wanted to bring her on as I feel she has a very fresh perspective of figuring out your passion and I love sharing with you the route that she took.