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Manpreet Kalra On The Art Of Social Impact

Manpreet Kalra on the supra Endura creative conversations podcast


I got to digitally sit down with Manpreet Kalra of the Art Of Citizenry. Manpreet is a digital marketing expert, social activist, and speaker. She launched Art of Citizenry to coach conscious businesses on how to maximize their impact through business development, branding, and strategic marketing. She has a background in venture capitol and start- ups and wanted to use what she learned in those industries to help small businesses interested in social impact. We had some really interesting talked about cultural humility and how companies in the ‘do-good’ space have to continual check in to make sure they are actually solving issues instead of creating them.

 Also a very fun fact: Manpreet anonymously launched and ran the first every digital lifestyle magazine for South Asian women: Kaurista. Kaurista was dedicated to creating a space where individuals from every walk of life were invited, encouraged, and challenged to speak their mind on topics that matter to them and their unique experiences. She did all this while still in college! Even as a college student she saw this viewpoint missing in the public space and wanted to explore these issues that were not being talked about in traditional media. If you have not gleaned this yet, Manpreet is super passionate, hardworking and looking to explore avenues of social impact. I loved our conversation and hope you will as well.