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Phobymo On Being Your Own Muse

Morgan Smith on the Supra Endura podcast

Today I have the amazing Phobymo on the podcast. Morgan categorizes herself as a self-taught black female photographer from Philly. Her work focuses on celebrating diverse bodies and capturing and strength of women of all races, sizes, and ages. Her work has been featured in Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, V magazine, the Atlantic, Essense Nylon, and more. Her work ranges from portraits to nightlife and some stunning concert photos. Along with capture the moment on her camera, Morgan also styles the shoots: picking models, outfits, props, and landscapes to create these beautiful surreal images. She also loves to take her view behind the scenes and show them how she created the shots. Along with her one work, she also curates ‘Time To Pretend’, an all-female art show. This started as a small show in Philadelphia and has grown tremendously. It was so great to chat with Morgan and you can check out her work at