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My First Five Years In The Fashion Industry

gabrielle mandel supra endura podcast, my first five years in fashion design

Welcome to my first solo episode of Supra Endura: Creative Conversation. In this episode, I talk about my first five years of working in the fashion industry. After graduating at the height of the recession, I moved to New York with just an internship and a sublet. I chronicle what it was like working as a design associate at J. Crew, a technical jewelry designer at Rebecca Minkoff and my crazy freelance gig working for the Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine line for Kmart. I also talk about the beginning of Supra Endura. I want to share all that I have learned working in this crazy and fascinating industry. 

Spoiler alert, I quit 2 jobs with nothing lined up. While it felt crazy at the time, I knew I was unhappy and I trusted myself enough that I would figure it out. Each job I had taught me a new set of skills and strengthened my work as a designer. One of my first jobs ( it was part-time, but I am counting it!) was working for an independent designer who was a solo entrepreneur. Working with her really helped me understand how I could one day run my own business. It was great sharing this and reminiscing, I hope there are some helpful tidbits to help you with your own creative adventures.