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Podcast: Ivy Thompson of Visantine Collective

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This week I am so excited to bring you a conversation with my close friend Ivy Thompson, designer and creative director of Visantine Collective. I met Ivy while we were both living in NYC. At the time, Ivy was dreaming about starting her own line, and I was at my first job in the industry and could not fathom going out on my own.  Through the years we have become close friends and fashion business confidant. Ivy took some time to travel the world and work with indigenous artisans in both Peru and Indonesia. It is fascinating to hear what she has learned about the process of creating and her commitment to sustainable clothing. I admire her ambition and rethinking of what the fashion industry should be.  I was so happy to get to sit down and do this interview. Ivy has so many great stories and insights and I wanted to share all these gems with you, my listeners.