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Podcast: Nicole Haddad of Lobo Mau


supra endura podcast: Lobo Mau

This week we sat down with Nicole Haddad, founder, and creator of Lobo Mau. Along with running her own business, Nicole has been an instrumental part in nurturing the Philadelphia design community.  Whenever I step into the Lobo Mau studio I know I am going to see great friends, amazing hand-pressed screen prints and an exchange of ideas on how to excite the customer about clothes made locally in Philly. Nicole has been running her brand for over 10 years and is very committed to slow fashion. Over the last year, it has been exciting to watch Nicole’s brother, Jordan Haddad join the business and watch how this brother and sister team continues to grow and evolve their business I got to chatting with Nicole and I am so excited to share this exchange.