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What I learned in my Next Five Years Working In the Fashion Industry

gabrielle mandel supra endura creative conversation podcast

Welcome back to another solo episode with me, host Gabrielle Mandel. I talk about what I learned in the next five years working in the fashion industry. With my budding startup,  Supra Endura, I applied and got accepted to the fashion business accelerator the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator. I go over what I learned and how I managed to grow my business as a solo entrepreneur. I also started to work for Urban Outfitters and began to teach at Made Institute. I talk about what it was like pitching and then executing collaborations with Urban Outfitters and The Wistar Institute. In 2017 I got offered a full-time design role on Anthropologie’s Home textile team and I talk about how I balance my full-time work with running my business. The episode is full of great creative business takeaways and what it is like to really work in the Fashion Industry. 

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