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Zen of Fason De Viv on Creating Community



fason de viv on the Supra Endura podcastI am so excited for todays episode for Zen of Fason De Viv. Zen was born in Haiti and grew up in West Philly to entrepreneur parents. Zen eventually found her way into retail and eventually launched her own store/ online shop. She talked about being a single mom and deciding to go all in on her dream of creating a lifestyle brand and a future for her family.  I originally met her when she had her shop in Old City and I loved it. She had a great mix of independent brands and works to showcase makers from all around the world. Zen is also deeply interested in community and works to help mentor minority owned business on how to thrive in the growing marketplace. It was great to hear how she has grown and how she continued to help fostering the community through mentorships and non-profits her and her family have set up.