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All Love Is Love

Rainbow Love scarf

This week Valentine’s Day happens upon us. While I have never been a Hallmark kinda gal, I have always liked the idea of celebrating love in all of its many forms.  Because of this, I have decided to dedicate all of our posts this week to love. But I am not just talking about the heteronormative love, I am talking about ALL LOVE. I want to recognize different relationships, familial relationships, friend relationships, even the relationships we have with our pets. All of these relationships are about love. I hate that there is an exclusivity around this holiday, which is why I am saying: All love is love.  All of the love you feel is valid. You do not have to be in a romantic relationship to have love full and strong in your life. This week I want to spotlight different stories about love.

 In support of love, Supra Endura is also donating 15% off all it’s sale this week to The Attic Youth Center.  The Attic is a nationally recognized, multi-service youth organization, and is now one of the largest community centers in the U.S. committed exclusively to serving LGBTQ youth and allies. I love making this vibrant artwork that is as bright and as colorful as the LGBTQ community.  I wanted to donate a portion to the Attic because I truly believe this resource is important to young people who want to find community and learn more about their identity.

**** Supra Endura is not affiliated with the Attic Youth Center.