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How To Have An Eco Picnic

supra endura eco picnicHow To Have An Eco Picnic

With Summer finally here, we’ve found ourselves daydreaming about the perfect picnic! At Supra Endura, we try to use sustainable practices as often as possible, so it’s great to think about how to have an eco-picnic. These are some sustainable and eco-friendly practices we are following for our picnic in the park.

Sustainable baskets and utensils.

When planning a picnic, we first think about the basket and cutlery. There are a lot of great brands making cute and sustainable items. We love Vivaterra bamboo utensils that come free with a donation to World Wildlife Fund. Our favorite is this sustainable bamboo picnic set.

Contribute to the area around you

Sometimes our public parks can be neglected, or they may need a little cleaning. Because these are public areas, it is easy to think someone else will take care of these things, but many park budgets have decreased in the last few years. It only takes a few minutes to pick up any stray trash, and this will positively affect you, the other park-goers, and the wildlife that also lives in the area.

Plastic wrap alternatives: beeswax wraps 

A significant contributor to landfill waste from picnics is food packaging. It is so commonplace to put something in a plastic ziplock bag or wrap it in aluminum foil which will also end up in the trash. Instead, you can use a beeswax wrap that can be cleaned and re-used. Wax wraps also keep food more fresh than plastic. Here is a link to some of our favorite Supra Endura wax wraps.

beeswax wraps for eco- picnic, sustainable picnic


Sustainable picnic blankets

For any picnic, of course, you need a blanket! We have learned from our time in the industry that the fabric industry has one of the largest impacts on the environment. The materials used, the manufacturers, and the practices of each part of the production process are vital to ensuring that these items are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible! Thankfully there are great brands like Trek Light Gear who make beautiful blankets entirely out of recycled plastic bottles!  

Be mindful of each product’s life cycle

In our busy day and age, we sometimes make decisions on the go, but as you pack that picnic basket, think of everything you are including and what that product’s life cycle is. While recycling is great, using reusable/ compostable items is even better. If disposable items are necessary, please check the label to understand how they need to be recycled. Many parks have bathrooms or water fountains, so you can do a quick rinse-off of any item that has food on it.

This is a magical time of year: great to spend outdoors catching up with friends and enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the season. As with any part of a mindful sustainable life, take a few minutes to think about the picnic prep and how you can be most sustainable; we promise you will feel great about your decisions!