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How To Clean Beeswax Wraps

How to wash beeswax wraps, How to clean bees wax wraps


Some easy tips and tricks on how to clean beeswax wraps so they last:

After using beeswax wraps for years, I was so excited to launch my first collection of Supra Endura beeswax wraps. My customers loved them, but I kept getting ask about how to clean beeswax wraps? While it may seem simple and straight forward, I have come up with a few tips and tricks to make your beeswax wraps last:

  1. Choose wisely what you put in your beeswax wraps

I recommend that you only use beeswax wraps to store fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, grains, baked goods and bread products. Do not store meat or fish in your beeswax wraps. I also suggest don’t store items that are messy like items that have sauces or powders. The reason is that beeswax wraps are sticky: the wax wrap and tree resin help the fabric stick to itself but also attract loose particle like sauce. I learned the hard way that sauces and powders will stick and stain your wax wraps, so to keep them in good condition steer away from these ( if you don't, no worries, keep reading on how to remove stains).

  1. How to wash your beeswax wraps

You can clean your beeswax wraps by gently washing them by hand. Take your beeswax wrap over to the sink and using cool water, gently wash with a mild dish detergent. I personally love Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap in Lemon Verbana or Basil. I would suggest using a sponge, and not something with harsh bristles. Don’t wash too vigorously or with hot water because you don’t want to loosen the wax and tree resin. After you are done you can hang the wax wraps to dry on a dish rack.

  1. How to get out a stain

Stains happen and when they do just follow above and really work at the stain. You can use a little extra soap and a wash rag. You might have to work a little bit extra on the stain but it should come out.

  1. Store wax wraps away from heated areas

Wax wraps can be stored in many different places, but like many things in your kitchen you want to keep these away from hot areas. Keep wax wraps away from your oven so the wax does not re-melt. Similarly, do not microwave wax wraps.

All in all, I think it is very easy to clean your beeswax wraps. If you follow above your beeswax wraps should stay in good shape and you will be able to continue to use them. 

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