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How To Style A Long Scarf

how to style a long scarf, supra endura

How To Style A Long Scarf

At Supra Endura we LOVE long scarves. Our season-less scarf is especially great as there are SO many ways to style it. These light weight, long Modal scarves are great for any occasion and are both casual and dressy. Here are some of our favorite ways to style these scarves. 

These scarves are long and great for wrapping. They are 35" x 70" long and are super lightweight. To achieve this look, I usually grab one of the corners of the scarf, bring it around my neck and then loosely loop it once. I make sure both ends are even and that the scarf is draped nicely. I love this look with a dress or just a jeans and T-shirt.

how to style a long scarf

A cover-up or shawl is great in summer especially when you are going outdoors to indoors, day to night- you need something to keep you warm and comfortable. Wrapping the scarf around your shoulders and arms is a great way to cover up. I bring one whenever I have a summer wedding to attend.

These long scarves are so versatile, wear as a head wrap or a turban. They are great for days when you want to cover your hair but still look polished. 

how to wear a long scarf as a head wrap

These are just a few of my favorite ways to wear the seasonless scarf. If you are a scarf lover like me, you will be glad to know we are giving you 15% off when you buy 2 of any of our seasonless scarves. Click here to shop the whole collection, discount will be applied at checkout.