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Spring Cleaning: Keep it Eco with Swedish Dishcloths!

spring cleaning, swedish dishcloths
Before You Start Your Spring Cleaning:

Did You know on average, Americans spend $5.7 billion a year on paper towels. An average family uses two rolls of paper towels per week for cleaning. We also throw away 400 million sponges every year. 400 million. Many sponges have plastic components, and they take centuries to break down. They are treated with chemicals that leach into our water, soil, and finally into our bodies...

So What Can We Do?

Let's start using Swedish dishcloths. These fantastic cleaning items can do the work of sponges and paper towels. Swedish Dishcloths are also made out of biodegradable cellulose and cotton, so they will sustainably break down. Did you know that 1 Swedish dishcloth can last up to 1 year? They are also 17 x more absorbent than paper towels. What is even better, they don't smell. :)

Cleaning Never Looked So Good...

Along with saving money and helping the environment, Swedish dishcloths are way nicer to look at than your typical yellow sponge. The Supra Endura Swedish dishcloths come in a range of colors and prints. They are here to make cleaning fun, and don't worry, since they have tiny pores, no gunky old food will get stuck in them. 

Still need convincing? Domino writer Catherine Dash is also obsessed and wrote this glowing review. She loves them for cleaning up after her toddler.

So this year as you start your spring cleaning remember that Supra Endura's Swedish Dishcloths make a big difference.