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Sustainable + Stylish: Eco Friendly Sustainable Kitchen Products

Sustainable + Stylish: Eco Friendly Sustainable Kitchen Products

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Why I Love Sustainable Kitchen Products:

When I started my brand, Supra Endura I wanted to create something that was both beautiful, but with social benefits. In the beginning I did this by donating a portion of my sales back to non-profits I believed in ( this is still very much a part of my business!). But as my business progressed I wanted to figure out ways to solve problems for my customers but also find ways to create products that minimized our negative impact on the environment. I started to use eco-friendly and zero waste products more and more in my personal life. I wanted to minimized the use of single use plastics and other materials that were harder to recycled or compost. 

I will be honest, I do not yet live a zero waste lifestyle and I am not sure I will ever get there. For me, living sustainably means taking small steps and gradually changing my habits. I put together a list of some of my favorite eco friendly, low waste and zero waste products to use around the kitchen. It should also be said while these products rank high in sustainability they are also super stylish!

eco friendly, low waste, zero waste kitchen, compost bin, composting

The perfect composting Bin

I am proud to say that I have been composting for the last 4 years! My husband and I have a large compost bin in our backyard and while we have not mastered the art of making amazing fertilizer, we have successfully gotten rid of our food waste in an eco-friendly manner. The truth is, a large amount of emissions come from the food waste that ends up in our landfills. When waste is handled properly those food scraps can actually help the planet, with the help of a compost bin you can make a difference and create some nutrient rich soil. During the week we keep a small compost bin in the kitchen and add our food scrapes. For a complete guide on composting, click here. I personally love the Terra Cotta  Bamboo Compost bin from Bambozzle on Food 52.

eco friendly, low waste, zero waste kitchen, eco-napkins, recycled napkins

Reclaimed Cloth Napkins 

I love using cloth napkins and even better if they are up-cycled. I am obsessed with these Atelier Saucier cloth napkins, sold at Goldune. They are made out of old tablecloth linen from Los Angeles, California. These are great for when you are in the kitchen cooking, or creating a beautiful table scape for a dinner party. When they get dirty you can just throw them in the washing machine and dryer and reuse them! They also have an option to rent them out for a special  event, how sustainable! 

eco friendly, low waste, zero waste kitchen, always pan, eco pan,

The Always Pan 

For me, less is always more, which is why I am in love with the Always Pan. The Always Pan is a fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, all in one! This pan is made without toxic materials like: PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles. By using this multipurpose pan you will eliminate the need to purchase over eight pans. I also just love all the color tones. I might get the spice color to work back with my compost bin! :)


eco friendly, low waste, zero waste kitchen, swedish dish clothes, printed dish clothes

A Scandinavian twist on dish clothes?

Have you heard about Swedish dish clothes? They are made of cellulose and cotton and are reusable and 100% biodegradable. I love this collection that the Canadian brand Kana put out. This modern printed dish clothes are gentle on dishes, can absorb up to 15 times their own weight and dry quickly to help reduce kitchen odors. I am not going to lie, I kind of want to make some Supra Endura Swedish dish cloths.

eco friendly, low waste, zero waste kitchen, beeswax wraps, wax wraps

Last but not least: Beeswax wraps!

Okay, I had to also mention our beeswax wraps! Beeswax wraps were actually a gateway product for me incorporating more sustainable practices into my life.  These fun and colorful printed beeswax wraps are made from all-natural & organic ingredients. They are reusable, mendable and both the wraps and packaging are biodegradable. Also our pretty prints just make food storage fun so you can eliminate your food waste! 

That is all I got for now, but living more sustainably is a constant journey so I am sure I will be back soon with more thoughts. I think one main tenant of living more sustainably is being more mindful of you actions. Even without all these lovely products you can still practice sustainability in your kitchen by being mindful of what you buy and how it effects the environment. I am of the mindset that none of us are perfect, but if we all make small steps towards living more sustainably we can all be part of a greater positive impact on our earth.