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2022: Sustainable Living Ideas

sustainable living, sustainable living ideas

2022: Sustainable Living ideas

New Years is such an exciting time for all of us. It’s a time to reflect upon ourselves, our goals and lifestyle. Making resolutions is an inevitable part of New Year, but sticking to them can be a tad difficult. What if I told you there is a resolution which you can follow through the year without breaking a sweat? I promise you, it is not as hard as it sounds.

Make a commitment to a sustainable way of living! It is easy, totally doable, and it can make a big environmental impact when we make an effort together! Sustainable living aims to reduce one’s carbon footprint on our planet.

Let’s dive right in to see how we can make Sustainable living possible through the year.

  1. Sustainable Kitchen

It’s time to toss the plastic sponges and dishcloths out of your kitchen. A lot of sponges are made of synthetic fibers ( some of which are derived from petroleum!) and are not biodegradable. Swedish dishcloths from Supra Endura are reusable, biodegradable, and compostable. These responsible made dishcloths have helped me save so many rolls of paper towels and sponges. The other day, my toddler spilled a glass of milk on the floor and guess who came to the rescue? Swedish Dishcloths! I was amazed at the absorption power of these dish cloths. I am sure, I would have used at least half of the paper towel roll if not for these Swedish Dishcloths. The best thing about Swedish Dishcloth is that it lasts up to 9-12 months and when you are done with it you can toss it in your compost bin and forget about it!

Similarly, replace plastic clingwraps with Beeswax Wraps. Use them to cover leftover food in place of cling wrap. By doing this, you are staying away from plastic leaching into your food which can cause potential harm to your health. Unlike plastic cling wraps, Beeswax Wraps are biodegradable and reusable.

Organic Tea Towels are another great idea to convert your kitchen to a sustainable place. They can be used to wipe/ dry fresh produce, wrap bread rolls and can even be used for cleaning purposes. These come in beautiful print and patterns that sometimes I think of using them as placements. I got to get a sneak peak of the tea towel collection coming out in march, and believe me, these are tea towels you are going to want in your house!

  1. Shop and Recycle responsibly

Who does not love to shop, and I know sometimes I end up getting a few impulse buys while I am waiting in line at the grocery store? The truth is Food waste is a HUGE problem.  The FDA estimates that the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30-40 percent of the food supply. While there is a lot we cannot do about food waste we can work on it in our own homes: be strategy in what you buy and plan your meal ahead. Plan for left over and plan meals that can re-use them, also buy in bulk will allow less trips to and from the grocery store. Buying in bulk also allows you to cut down on waste as there is less packaging. If you can shop for items that have less plastic and packaging in general. If you do end up having paper, plastic, glass and certain metal waste you can always recycle. Look up your county recycling rules and learn to spot what types of plastic, glass and aluminum are recyclable.  

  1. Consume energy efficiently

Electricity, water, and gas are the budling blocks of our home. They play a vital role in our day to day lives. We need energy in our daily life, but we can also be smart about how we use it. Consuming energy efficiently can also mean switching off lights when not in use, turning off the water faucet while washing hands. Plan your errand running and trips together so you use less gas. Ride your bike or walk if you can. Save heat by wearing warm clothes in winter.

And the list doesn’t stop here. Reducing our meat consumption, organic farming, urban gardening, using sustainable building materials, using local and seasonal foods are other important areas where we can adapt sustainable Living.

It has been estimated that the world population will reach 10 billion by 2050. This means we need more resources and energy for our future generations. Without a mass lifestyle change, it’s almost impossible to keep enjoying life as we know it. So, let’s all make a vow this new year to do our part in saving our planet from climate change. Being mindful about the resources we use and adopting a sustainable lifestyle will surely take us a long way! So, let’s ring in the New Year with celebration, new opportunities and mindful living!