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Sustainability, Style & Savings: The Top 8 Reason You Should Be Using Swedish Dishcloths

Top 8 Reason To Use Swedish Dishcloths

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Are you tired of constantly buying sponges and paper towels? Do you hate how smelly your sponges get? Maybe your are just looking to save some money on cleaning supplies along with being a bit more sustainable with your cleaning products.

Okay, we got you covered, this article is all about why you need to start using Swedish dishcloths. 

Swedish dishcloths, also known as European dishcloths, are an all-natural dishcloths that are great for any kitchen clean-up. They are super versatile, long-lasting, reusable, and are great for anyone trying to be more sustainable and healthy with cleaning products. Below are the top 8 reasons why you need to switch to Supra Endura Swedish dishcloths.

  1. They multi-task: Swedish dishcloths can replace your sponge AND paper towels.

Swedish dishcloths are super versatile. Use these for all of your kitchen clean-ups. Use Swedish dishcloths to hand wash dishes, wipe down countertops and tables, polish off appliances. They are so versatile and their thin shapes make them easy to get into tough corners. They are also great for bathroom and other hard surface clean up.

  1. They are stylish!

At Supra Endura we love print, so when we came across Swedish dishcloths we thought these were a great sustainable product for our prints. We love adding some color and liveliness into your kitchen. Our Fruit collection features a hand-painted Papaya and Melon while our Abstract collection features abstract patterns for a modern kitchen. Also save when you purchase both together in our Swedish dishcloth bundle.

  1. They Freaking work!

Swedish dishcloths can hold up to 20 x their weight in liquid. They are super absorbent and tough. They clean up spills easily and don’t leave streaks. They are so easy to clean and are durable to get tough stains out. Where a paper towel might break down once wet, a Swedish dishcloths fiber is strong and great for tough clean-up.

  1. They last!

Swedish dishcloths are easy to care for and can last up to 9-12 months, while it has been suggested to change your traditional sponge every month!

With proper care, your Swedish dishcloth will last! You can easily wash them by hand and let them air dry on your dish rack, or you can throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher. For a deeper clean you can also throw these in the laundry and let them air dry. At around 9 months you may start to see the fiber break down but this will usually only happen after many washing. When your dishcloth is no longer absorbent, then it is time to compost it. 

  1. Great Savings!

Okay, let’s do the math, Swedish dishcloths can replace both sponges which last for a a month and 15 rolls of paper towels.  A 2-pack of Swedish dishcloths at just $ 14 is going to save you anywhere from $ 25- $95 in cleaning supplies. We love that these are reusable and long-lasting so you can save a bunch and not have to use paper towels of sponges.

  1. No Smells!

Let’s be real, traditional sponges get smelly! Even when you throw them in the wash they still just feel like a petri dish of all of your old food. Swedish dishcloths don’t smell! These all-natural cellulose and cotton base dishcloths have anti-microbial properties that keep them smell-free.

  1. Made of all-natural and no harmful Materials

Supra Endura Swedish dishcloths are made from all-natural materials and are Oeko Tex certified. Our Swedish dishcloths are made from 70% cellulose and 30% cotton. There are no harmful materials or chemicals in these.

A lot of everyday sponges are derived from polyurethane, a petroleum-based ingredient, in addition to other manmade materials. Some are made of toxic chemicals including tri-closan, which is also a pesticide and has been linked to cancer, developmental toxicity, and skin irritation. Yikes!

  1. Sustainability: Reusable & biodegradable

A big reason why we love Swedish dishcloths is that they are reusable and long-lasting. We want to feature products that help you live a more sustainable lifestyle and these are great for that. They will cut down on your use of paper towels and sponges. They are also made out of all-natural materials and will biodegrade in 24 weeks. They are also responsibly made, we work with a manufacturer in China and Germany that meets Amfori BSCI, SGS, and Oeko Tex standards. 

Okay, hopefully that is enough reason to get you to try these out. Check out our Swedish dishcloth collection and see our newest prints and styles.