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Planning the Perfect Friendsgiving


Supra Endura Friendsgiving

We all know thanksgiving, but what is Friendsgiving?
You might remember this from the first season of FRIENDS, when everyone’s plan goes haywire but the gang manages to make their own tradition. For me, Friendsgiving has always been about your chosen family and making your own traditions.
It is important not to be intimidated, Friendsgiving does not have to follow any rules and can be as traditional or as funky as you want it to be. Here are some fun ideas to hosting the perfect Friendsgiving:
Unlike Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving doesn’t need an elaborate meal plan. It can be really simple and easy to prepare. Below are some fun meal ideas for you to get started. If you are like me you love mixing eclectic dishes together for a fun mix of flavors.
Salads do not have to be boring! I am head over heals for this recipe from Bon Appetite. The feta + citrusy dressing in this make it a dazzling first course. I also love a colorful salad both for it's aesthetics and nutritional values. 
We all love Tacos. They are simple, easy, and customizable. Especially, when you are hosting friend with different dietary restrictions! There is minimal meal prep, and they come together in minutes. You can prep the fillings 2-3 days in advance just like loaded nachos!
Pizza is great for lots of guest, but why not get a little creative and cook up a pie like no other? We Love Food 52's guide to 16 legendary pizza. It is always good to rethink a classic and make it your own. 
I mainly chose this just because it sounded crazy but also really fun. I love Ricotta and idea of adding Kumquats. make sure you have 2 hours for this bad boy. :)
Not that big on cooking? Pull a Ms. Doubtfire and order from your favorite restaurant and just dress it up in some fancy plates. :)
Okay, let's talk about the table set up!
Now that we have some amazing ideas for food, it’s time to deck the dining table. Let’s get the mini pumpkins and autumnal dinnerware out! Pick a theme of what you want your table to look like, we suggests checking out Social Studies for some great ideas. Think of what color you want and what color you have, are the plates the main focal point or your runner? Try to work on colors that compliment each other.
Seasonal flowers or seasonal fruit like apples and figs could be a great way to decorate the table. Having some candles is also a great way to go.
Hostess Gifts Or Guest Gifts?
Want your guest to leave with something a little special? Why not gift them a Beeswax wrap set or some Swedish dishcloths. The wax wraps will be great incase they want to take home any leftover and the Swedish dishcloths are sure to be handy around the house. If you are attending a party this season both of these items make great hostess gifts as well. At under $ 25 Beeswax wraps and Swedish dishcloths make for a great hostess gift.
Final Words:
Friendsgiving is all about fun and hanging with your family fo choice. You don't have to make this Thanksgiving part 2, but rather a magical event where you get to pick the decor and dining. Whatever you chose you can't go wrong.